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Quickly analyze thousands of best-selling products on wish.com for your own eCommerce stores!
Product Description
  1. Powerful e-commerce product research software for analyzing products on wish.com
  2. Instantly get 26 different metrics for every Wish.com product making it easier than ever to find the EXACT products to dropship in mere minutes!
  3. Instantly find the best-selling products on wish.com by sorting the “orders” column
  4. Import UNLIMITED Products into Shopify & WooCommerce!
  5. Import Unlimited Product Reviews into Shopify & WooCommerce!
  6. SUPER-FAST Data Extraction using Multi-Threading Technology!
  7. Extract over a thousand products with over 26 different data columns in about 2 minutes!
  8. Use Wish Inspector to research new product ideas you can wholesale from other sources. The options are endless!
  9. You can download all the image variations and details for an unlimited number of products directly from Wish.com
  10. Easily Save Your Best Results to Favorites
  11. To quickly see all the product images & data, click the “Preview” button to instantly see all the product image variations
  12. Get blazing-fast quick-filters at the top of the columns. With just one-click you instantly get the data you want to see!
Funnel Details
Front End

( $37 at 50% Commissions )

Special Offer #1

( $27 or $67 at 50% Commissions )

Page Activator is a simple but powerful software that generates a special code to insert in your website (Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, or any site) and makes the web browser tab blink and make a notification sound when your web visitors leave your web page due to distractions. This software is amazing for increasing sales for ANY website!

Special Offer #2

( $77 at 50% Commissions )

This a very limited offer and may expire after the discount period ends. This is a software bundle of 6 separate software offered at a one-time LOW price along with 6 computer installs for the user and their team.

Email Swipes

NEW Software Released – Powerful eCom Research Software
Just Released – New Software for eCommerce Product Research
Private Discount – Wish Inspector is LIVE – Analyze Top Selling eCom Products!

Just Released – Wish Inspector Software!

Dave Guindon just released their next major software called
“Wish Inspector” …

See it in action here

Wish Inspector is a new powerful software that researches
eCommerce products on the popular wholesale site wish.com.

AND, Wish Inspector is currently the ONLY software that exists
on the entire planet that analyzes products on wish.com!

So, you will not see this unique research software anywhere else…

See the full demo here and get your discount

If you are wanting to get into eCommerce, then you will love
this new software. It will save hours of your valuable time
researching new eCommerce products to dropship.

You can instantly see the BEST-SELLING products on Wish.com
for ANY keyword .. simply sort the “orders” column to reveal them!

You can even import unlimited products from wish.com to
unlimited Shopify stores AND unlimited WooCommerce stores!

Plus, you can import unlimited product reviews into both
Shopify and WooCommerce!

The software is VERY FAST because I integrated multi-thread
downloading capability ..

.. which basically means the software can download 26 data
points for up to 15 wish.com products at the SAME TIME!

With a fast internet connection, you can download 26 columns
of data for over 1,000 products in just over 2 minutes flat!

Try doing that manually on their website!

But, they are currently running a launch discount for
only 7 days, so make sure to take advantage of your
special discount before it expires.

Claim your discount here before it expires

Thanks and talk soon,



Are You Lost? Check out these TOP-SELLING eCom Products!
TIPS – How to find TOP selling eCom products FAST
Can’t find an eCom niche? Try this AWESOME trick!

A cartoon elephant model tea infuser, WHAT the heck is that? More on this shortly…

Hi, [YOUR NAME] here with some cool tips to help you find great
products to sell in your eCommerce stores.

Dave Guindon of Appbreed Software recently released a new software
product called, Wish Inspector, and thier demo video show the following tips …

At 5 minutes and 42 seconds into the video, he shows you a VERY
simple but effective method for getting awesome product ideas
to sell in your eCommerce stores …

At 7 minutes and 50 seconds into the video, he shows you another
awesome method for finding TOP selling products if you have
absolutely NO idea what niche or market to get into..

.. or if you just have no idea of what new products you should add to
your existing stores!

Hint … using the second method, he found a very cool elephant tea bag
thingy and a weird leg bag that had thousands of orders on wish.

In the video you will also see just how easy it is to import products
into your eCommerce stores.

Watch the demo video here:

Thanks and hope that helps,


5 eCom Traffic Sources You Should be using, Especially #1
5 eCommerce Traffic Sources 7-Figure Store Owners are using Today
Need more eCom traffic? Use these 5 Traffic Sources for your eCommerce business

You can’t deny that traffic is one of the most important components of eCommerce.

Without traffic you simply won’t generate any sales, so here are 5 powerful methods
used by 7-figure store owners you can implement right now…

#1 Pinterest

This popular site has over 200 million monthly active users, 100 billion pins with
images and 2 billion monthly searches. As result, it’s an amazing traffic source,
especially for eCommerce marketers!

But, the real important statistics, according to Pinterest, is over 75% of people
posting stuff on Pinterest save items to purchase later on.

AND .. they claim that 55% of people generally use Pinterest to shop and buy stuff!

Talk about a “hidden goldmine” of ecom opportunity! Plus, Pinterest isn’t over
saturated with ads & marketing hype like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So, its much easier to stand out from the crowd, get followers, engage, and
get lots of traffic to your ecom stores.

You can even create Cost-Per-Click (CPC) campaigns, as well as, product rich pins
which automatically inserts extra details into your pins from your ecom site,
making your pins a lot more engaging.

In addition, Pinterest offers “Buyable Pins”, which appear with the “Add to bag”
button allowing people to find and purchase your products from Pinterest.

So, if you are not harnessing the power of Pinterest in your eCom business,
then I highly recommend to try it out. It’s kind of like “The World’s catalogue of ideas!”

#2 Google Shopping

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or seasoned eCom vet, Google Shopping can
have a tremendous impact on your business.

With Google Shopping you can get higher quality leads and increase your ROI with
Google’s optimized ads designed to grab people’s attention driving targeted
traffic to your store.

Plus, they offer “Showcase Shopping Ads” helping you reach even more potential
buyers and it’s easy to keep things going smoothly with Google’s campaign manager.

It’s no secret that most marketers are fighting for attention on Facebook, whereas,
Google Shopping is far less competitive, which creates an amazing opportunity for
eCom marketers.

#3 YouTube

YouTube has over 1 Billion monthly visitors with over 100 videos uploaded
every minute and is another amazing weapon for marketing your eCom products!

A very powerful way to get traffic and sales is showcasing your products
in videos on Youtube using various methods. For example, a video showing
the best ways to use your product, showing someone unbox and reveal your
product, or customer reviews.

You can also partner with Youtube influencers to promote your products.

Youtube offers a lot of cool stuff like simple-to-use channels, subscription
lists, and other promotional search algorithms.

#4 Facebook

Of course we can’t leave Facebook out of this list! With over 2.2 billion
monthly active users worldwide, it’s tough not to ignore. Especially since
they are still growing 13% every year!

You can pretty much guarantee people interested in your niche are on facebook.

Facebook offers some amazing ways to market your products, including fan pages,
ad campaigns, and groups.

With fan pages you can build an entire community around your business and/or
niche with unlimited followers. Anyone can like and share your page and page
content, plus, fan pages get indexed by the major search engines.

Using Facebook ads can be a little tricky at first, but if you keep your budget
and spending under control, you got an entire world of opportunity hiding in there!

You can target your ads based on geographics areas, ages, gender, education level,
how much money people spend online, how many kids they have, if they use credit cards,
their political interests, and a whole lot more!

There are many types of ads you can run including images, video, and carousel ads.
But, the real hidden “gem” in their system is using the “Facebook Pixel” to build your
own custom audiences. You can retarget people that have visited your store or interacted
with your ads and then re-engage them with more targeted ads.

Facebook Groups are basically a kind of “discussion forum”. Similar to fan pages,
they are free to create and use, but groups are more focused on the members. They
provide an amazing channel to get your users to engage and get educated about your
products and services.

#5 Email Marketing

I keep seeing day-in and day-out that email marketing is dead … and that is NOT true!

If you are reading this sentence right now, then that is proof-in-the-pudding lol

Email marketing is known to account for about 23% of all sales, making it one of
the most important tools you can have. In my business, email marketing accounts
for over 80% of my companies revenue!

You can build trust with your existing & potential customers, as well as, run
optimized autoresponders promoting your other products.

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to generate fast quality traffic,
build strong relationships with your audience, deliver valuable content, and
promote your eCom products.

So there you have it, 5 awesome traffic sources you can be using to drive more
targeted traffic to your eCommerce stores.


If you are looking for new fresh top-selling product ideas to add
to your eCommerce stores, or just getting started, take advantage of this
special discount for an amazing ecom research software called, “Wish Inspector”:

The software also allows you to import products into Shopify and WooCommerce.

But, the special discount will only last for 7 days, afterward the price
goes up by $80 when the discount expires!

Claim your discount here:


Thanks and hope that helps,


Quote of the day:

“It’s Not Whether You Get Knocked Down, It’s Whether You Get Up.”
– Vince Lombardi

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